How to Handle 'Problem People'

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Date Mar 25, 2015
Time 4:00 PM KSA (9:00am EST | +3:00 GMT)
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Have you ever asked a work colleague, a training course instructor, or organizational consultant, "What can you do with a person who..?" and completed the question with a description of a "problem person?"
In my 30-plus years' experience working with hundreds of organizations and thousands of participants in training and consulting engagements, I have been asked for help with problem people, or what I call a "TPW" ("The Person Who...), a countless number of times. TPW behaviors include people who rarely follow through on important commitments, make lame excuses for every mistake, are bullheaded bosses who will not listen to others, constantly blame, moan, and whine, take credit for work done by others or never give credit to those who deserve it, are humorless and bring everybody down, will never make a firm decision, play politics rather than focus on getting real results, stay cloistered behind closed doors, complain, criticize, and doubt almost every idea, use, "Because I said so!" to justify decisions, never take responsibility for their actions, constantly gossip or talk down to others, ramble on while you have a deadline to meet, block progress with extraneous information, hold on to their point of view no matter what evidence is presented, disrupt meetings with negative comments, side conversations, and tangential remarks, etc., etc., etc.
TPW's can be anyone: a subordinate, a peer, a partner, a contractor, or, in the most onerous case your boss! Your TPW might impact your life on a daily basis or just once in a while. Your TPW may affect your work, the productivity of your work group, or even the entire organization. Some TPW's simply make your work experience unpleasant, frustrating, and uncomfortable because of their attitude and how they interact with you and others.
This webinar provides a framework to understand and respond to your TPW. It provides practical techniques to help you work through your TPW experience in a more and positive proactive manner. It offers practical action steps you can take to alter the course of the TPW reality.


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