Are you Well Connected? - Getting more from fewer connections

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Date Mar 31, 2015
Time 4:00 PM KSA (9:00am EST | +3:00 GMT)
Cost Free
Are you well connected? is a loaded question. Many people think they are well connected based on their number of connections, friends, and links. Which is true? - "whoever dies with the most connections wins" Or, "whoever dies with fewer mutually beneficial connections wins".
What is the best way to measure connectedness? The ultimate measure of social networking success is the ratio between the number of approaches for help and the number of desired results. Sadly, for most people it is upwards of 20:1 when it could be closer to 1:1.
In this webinar we will explore and answer these questions through the lens of Gordon Curtis' book Well Connected, An Unconventional Approach to Building Genuine Effective Business Relationships. Well Connected's "Right Person Right Approach Methodolgy" enables us to turn on- and off-line social networking quantity into quality and predictable business and career success. Avoiding the false sense of security from volume social networking, Gordon will share keys for defining your needs, determining who can fill them, and knowing how to motivate others to help you succeed.


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