Free Webinar: Telomeres and the Impact on Aging and Disease

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Nov 12, 2013
Time 8:00pm PT
Cost Free
On November 12th, 2013 at 8pm Pacific, Dave MacArthur will be delivering his renowned presentation on telomere biology. Dave has been traveling the country and has delivered this information over 700 times to a range of diverse audiences. Frequently Dave lectures to packed audiences of chiropractors, doctors, dentists, and a range of other health professionals. However, now he’s focusing on bringing this information to the rest of the population through this webinar. In addition, the presentation will be free and widely available.
Dave will review everything from the history of telomere biology to why this new science is altering our understanding of aging and disease. You will see how other theories of aging (e.g. antioxidant and mitochondrial) have been supplanted by the newest findings involving telomere and DNA regeneration. Dave will also explore the role of geneticist, Dr. Bill Andrews and his impact on advancing this field. Finally, Dave will discuss practical steps that can be taken right now to address cellular degeneration and healing.
To register for this webinar go to: Space is filling up quickly.
ABOUT DAVE MACARTHUR: Dave MacArthur is an established expert in presenting the story of telomere biology. Dr. Bill Andrews, who discovered the human telomerase gene and is the President and CEO of Sierra Sciences Labs, has said that Dave is more knowledgeable about telomere science than 99% of all scientists in his field. In addition, Dave is the founder of top ranked podcast, Mechanic To Millionaire (found on itunes). 


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