Love, Dating and Relationships Global Teleconference

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Date Nov 18, 2013
Time 12:00 PM EST to 7:00 PM EST
Cost Free
From November 18 until 22, this lollapalooza of the relationship world will feature expert after expert sharing their secrets of success in relationships, love, dating and more.
When an event of this magnitude is announced, there is always a sense of expectancy among individuals who are keen on understanding the secrets to fulfilling relationships. This event will not disappoint on this count, because there are no less than a dozen relationship experts, life coaches, PhDs, best-selling authors, in-demand speakers and business leaders who will all come with one item on their agenda – to empower attendees to take control of their lives and craft their futures for the better.
This is not an event where you will be sitting slumped in your chair listening to irrelevant pedants reciting rote methodologies in a technical tone of voice. This party will have you sitting at the edge of your seat and possibly biting your nails as you constantly keep thinking “God, I wish I’d known that before.” If you love devouring content on relationships, dating and related subjects then you will absolutely scream your head off when you get to know the experts featured in this global teleconference being organized from November 18 to 22.

Here’s a teaser of who will be speaking…
  • Frenetta Tate is an international best-selling author, certified empowerment coach, motivational speaker and president of EmpowerMe365™. She is on fire about teaching people to embrace the personal power that every person possesses, and loves to help people realize their true potential.
  • Dr L. Boyd and Jamie Johnson are authors, and specialists at helping people turn around their despondent situations and make life a more positive and enriching experience. They will take you from lonely to loved and from miserable to magnificent with just their words.
  • Lorii Abela is a multi-awarded speaker, best-selling co-author and an expert on soulmates. Listening to Lorii speak is like listening to your own heart speaking to you; her powerful style of delivery and empathetic talks will help you resolve to find your own soulmate within a time-frame that you specify.
  • Edmund Lee is an entrepreneur, author, social media strategist and professional speaker. He has spearheaded several corporate branding success stories, and believes passionately that for a company to succeed, it must build strong and lasting relationships with its employees, customers, investors and vendors. Looking at relationships through business eyes will give you a whole new perspective on life and living.
  • Lori Latimer is a best-selling author and a scientific hand analyst. She is also a speaker and life coach who counsels people trying to heal themselves from past experiences. Lori herself was divorced at 48, but created a new identity and life for herself as a professional with a powerful mission to change the way people handle their old relationships.
The global teleconference is expected to draw crowds of enthusiastic, open-minded searchers from all over the world. The sheer magnitude of the conference and the level of expertise that will be present are enough to ensure that the lines may be full up if you wait too long. Registering now will be like getting a front row seat at the event of the year. The information that will be shared over the four-day conference will be healing, empowering and fulfilling as you listen to speaker after passionate speaker pouring out their hearts so other hearts can be healed and fortified against the challenges of interpersonal relationships.


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