Brand Management using sentiment analysis of social media

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Date Nov 21, 2013
Time Thursday, November 21, 2013
Cost Free
The rise of social media is fundamentally changing the way customers perceive brands and interact with them. We are in the midst of a transition from organizations talking and the customer listening to a two-way, dynamic, customer led interaction.This presents exciting opportunities for organizations to harness social media to understand and influence their customer base.

Join us to learn how businesses can leverage data collected from social media to shape & define their brands.

Webinar key features:
• Insight into opportunities and challenges faced by companies while leveraging unstructured data from social media for brand management

• Design and development of a sentiment analysis algorithm capable of crunching & analysing data in real time

• Real life case study on how a company is using social media sentiment analysis to understand perceived weaknesses in a product and tweak the marketing strategy in real time.


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