Mission, Vision, Values Demystified: How to Turn these Painful Terms into Essential Drivers for Success

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Date Dec 12, 2013
Time 10:00 AM PST
Cost $145.00
Overview : Most mission statements, visions, and core values of organizations completely miss their purpose. In the best case they have no impact on the organization’s success. In the worst case they cause cynicism and confusion in the workforce, sometimes with business-damaging consequences. 

Only in exceptional circumstances are leaders and managers able to leverage these key strategic foundations for the success of their business. Yet, numerous studies show clearly: the most successful organizations stand out with a clear and appealing mission, meaningful and shared core values, and a bold vision. 

So the question is: what is in the way for many business leaders to utilize these parameters for their own benefit? Why do entire leadership teams sometimes fail at the attempt to simply agree on a clear mission?

In this webinar, the instructor uncovers not only new, and for many managers surprising, insights regarding the struggles of business leaders with strategic foundations, but also suggests a simple framework to generate a true breakthrough for employee's commitment to their organization's success. 

Why should you attend: Are you aware how much performance is left unleashed in your organization due to the lack of full commitment by your employees? The potential in most businesses is tremendous, yet three key triggers for low employee commitment are often ignored: purpose, direction, and shared values. Fact is: Organizations with a clear mission and a bold vision based on shared core values outperform their competitors.

You should attend this webinar if you as a business leader who wants to create a breakthrough for your organization by defining an appealing mission and a bold vision, founded on strong and meaningful core values. Based on the insights from this webinar, you can lift your organization to a completely new level of performance. 

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Why most mission statements, core value collections, and vision are useless
  • How you can define these core foundations for any strategy in a way that you can achieve outstanding results and raise the bar
  • Why the employee's freedom is indispensable for any meaningful mission, core value, and vision
  • How you avoid the typical traps and initiate the right steps in shortest time
  • How you apply our simple yet powerful four-quadrant framework for navigation to higher levels of performance

Who Will Benefit:
  • CEOs
  • All C-level Leaders
  • Managers
  • Business Unit Heads
  • High-Potential Employees
  • All People Defining and Implementing Business Strategies

Russel Stuart
Phone: 1800-385-1627
Fax: 302-288-6884
E-Mail: webinars@trainhr.com


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