10 Emerging Trends in Software Testing: Predictions for the next decade

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Date Jul 25, 2016
Time 9:00 PM EST
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Kalyana Rao Konda
President of Gallop Solutions
Kalyan is the President & Global Head of Gallop Solutions Inc., a Philadelphia based software testing services company which helps businesses maximize returns on investments in their software quality initiatives. With nearly two decades of experience in IT Services, particularly testing, Kalyan led large QA teams of 2000+ people at AppLabs as VP-Delivery and had been in QA leadership roles with Virtusa & BaaN earlier. He has a rare mix of high technical understanding with a pragmatic approach to testing services delivery. A strong proponent of Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) delivery model, Kalyan is a thought leader with hands on expertise in building large scale test automation suites, executing and maintaining them. He has a patent pending with USPTO for ‘iGenerate test Scenario’ and ‘Web Services Validator’ filed last year. He was a speaker at DevOps East, spoke at numerous meetups and conferences including StarEast this year, Agile Conference in Boston and event organized by Suncoast too. He was recently featured in Joe Colantonio’s TestTalks & Techwell (SQE)’s Stickyminds interview as well.

About The Session

With the software testing methodologies undergoing a transformation to align with the rapidly growing product and application development environments, it becomes imperative to understand the latest global trends in the testing space. Gartner predicts that the worldwide discrete software testing market spending is to be increased by 14% CAGR with product testing growing at the rate of 9.1 % and application testing at 15.3%. Application testing currently has 90% of the overall software testing market services.

In this session, Kalyan will focus on:
  • Insights and trends observed in the software testing space based on individual experiences, leading analyst reports, empirical findings and observations from a service provider perspective
  • Identify top 10 trends which will shape the overall testing services market, & how future ready enterprises can adapt & align with them to build product and applications for global appeal
  • Emergence of innovative IP led testing paradigm
  • Trends confirming emergence of billion-dollar independent software testing firms
  • IoT, Digital, DevOps and SMAC testing methodologies and others
The session will help the software testing community at large with the impending questions related to the level of re-skilling that is required to remain attractive and relevant to the changing test landscape.


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