Spot Gloss Business Cards | Gloss Highlights | Matt & Velvet Finish

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date May 31, 2017
Time 10:AM
Cost 57.00
Buy now your Spot Gloss Business Cards, The Glossy business cards will enumerate shiny to your business brand with a spot gloss finish on both side of card. Certain additional features of the design are glossy to add a nice layer of depth.

Spot gloss and rainbow spot gloss business cards

Our spot gloss business cards are printed full colour on 450gsm silk card. We then laminate them with either matt or velvet (soft touch) lamination to protect the card and add a luxury feel. Specific areas of the business card then have gloss highlights (spot uv effect) added on top of the laminate. This technique creates a striking contrast between the matt/velvet finish of the card and the gloss highlights. We have both standard clear gloss and also a unique rainbow spot gloss which is clear but changes colour as it diffracts light across the colour spectrum. Depending on the light, the spot gloss may appear clear, several shades of one colour, a blend of a few colours or it may have the full rainbow effect!



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