Intro to Teamability!

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Date Jan 17, 2014
Time 10:00am ET
Cost Free
Rich Karlgaard, Publisher of Forbes Magazine, recently wrote an article entitled “Teams Matter. Talent is Not Enough.” In essence, it is a challenge for executives to find and exploit the ‘magic’ of team synergy. HR operations currently has the opportunity to bring bottom line value to the table, and a new area of talent science points the way. For HR professionals intent on meeting the demand for people who will form more coherent, adaptable, high performance teams, metrics of teaming now exist. The teaming metrics are key to improving selection, increasing engagement, and vastly reducing new-hire turnover, all with measurable business value. This introduction to a completely new technology will help you understand why talented, experienced people do not always ‘team’ well with others. And, in addition, you will learn about the new metrics and methods that measure and predict ‘teaming’ behaviors.

This program has been approved for 2 General recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification. PMPs can earn two Cat B credits for this two hour course. In addition, you will be offered the opportunity to have your own Teamability® experience!


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