Presentation Skills for IT Professionals

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Date Dec 14, 2017
Time 01:00 pm ET
Cost $159.00
On successful completion of this course you will be able to:
  • Develop and organize engaging presentations
  • Use your voice and other physical skills to project confidence enthusiasm
  • Design and use appropriate visual aids
  • Handle questions from an audience with ease
  • How to make your presentation clear and accessible,
  • How to interact with your audience
  • How to retain their interest while keeping your anxiety under control.
The ability to present articulately to management, to customer or to a non tech audience can significantly enhance your credibility. Delivering engaging presentations at work or professional events is a way to share your ideas and gain a reputation as a valued employee and an expert in your field.
Delivering presentations at work or professional events is an unbeatable way to gain a reputation as a valued employee and an expert in your field. If you have ever tried to get out of giving a presentation to your boss or speak in a meeting because of nerves, or if you feel there is room for improvement in your presentation techniques, this communication skills training will highlight the essentials on how to make your point, and satisfy your internal and external customers.
  • Define objectives for a presentation.
  • Essential steps to take in preparing for success and "knowing your audience."
  • How to organize your information in a presentation for maximum effectiveness
  • Strategies and tactics to maximize audience retention of the material presented.
  • Minimize anxiety and nerves before during and after presentations
  • Refining your executive presence
  • Connecting with Your Audience
  • Managing Your Physical Presence
  • Using Visual Aids with Impact
  • Tech professionals who are first-time presenters who need to build their skills and confidence fast
  • Tech professionals who speak in public occasionally but need to feel more comfortable and effective
  • Tech professionals who want to  share an idea in a group setting or move up in their career and speaking before a group will be necessary
  • Use specific techniques to control  nervousness when speaking in front of people
  • How to develop the physical skill that make you look confident and how to develop a speaking style that is natural, comfortable and easy
  • How to organize and develop an engaging presentation that will retain the audience’s attention
  • How to improvise and make an effective impromptu presentation
  • How to quickly achieve rapport with their audience
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