Domestic Violence and The Workplace: Everybody’s Business

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Date Oct 31, 2017
Time 01:00 pm ET
Cost $159.00
Do you know how to recognize a victim of domestic violence? What would you say to an employee experiencing abuse, and how would you help them stay safe? Join us for this informative workplace violence training webinar and explore multiple sides of an important issue that affects millions of employed Americans. 
Domestic violence survivor and subject matter expert Lynn Fair-weather will share her personal experience while introducing attendees to 6 different forms of domestic violence training and the cycle of violence that runs through them.
Other topics include a discussion of how domestic violence impacts the workplace and how managers, HR, and security professionals can help victims both on and off the job.
Statistically speaking, every large company has domestic violence in their midst, whether they realize it or not. More than half of women (and many men) have experienced physical, sexual, or severe emotional abuse during their lifetime and most of these victims are employed, as are their abusers. 
When these employees show up to their jobs, the domestic violence frequently follows, causing a multitude of problems in the workplace. These issues range from repetitive phone calls on the mild end, to mass shootings on the extreme. Of course, violent incidents are a primary concern, but the impact of domestic violence in the workplace reaches far beyond human safety alone. 
Abused employees have higher absenteeism and lower productivity rates than non-abused employees. They also have over 40% higher health care costs and a greater chance of leaving the company or being fired because of what they are experiencing at home and at work. Their abusers create a significant liability risk for employers facing everything from OSHA violations to multi-million dollar post-incident lawsuits. If employee victims aren’t coming forward and management isn’t responding correctly, then the company is “flying blind”, unable to see the dangers before them. 
Employers should attend this webinar because while it is within their power to address and defeat the insidious enemy of domestic violence, they can’t do it without understanding the nature of their opponent and knowing exactly what tools to use in the battle against it.
Myths and facts about domestic violence are discussed during employee awareness training and participants will learn about the reasons why some victims choose to remain in an abusive relationship. Cycles and dynamics of abuse are revealed and explained. 
The conversation then turns to how workplace violence policy impacts the workplace. Featured areas include employee disclosure rates, abuser tactics, and the effects of “spill over” on victims, co-workers, and the company itself. 
Lastly, a sample list of remedies and accommodations will be shared to inspire ideas on how companies can help to support working victims and increase the safety of their entire workplace overall.
  • Management Team
  • Human Resources
  • Security/ Threat Assessment Personnel
  • Legal Staff
  • Employee Relations Personnel
  • Corporate Professionals
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the causes of domestic violence including the prevalence, types, and forms of intimate partner abuse
  • Examine and debunk common myths about domestic violence types and explore the complex dynamics of an abusive relationship
  • Discover how domestic violence can impact the workplace and everyone in it
  • Learn how to recognize, respond to, and refer domestic violence victims
  • Brainstorm ideas for helping to keep victims and the workplace safer
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