Customer Service Begins in HR: How HR Sets the Tone for the Service Culture

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Date Nov 6, 2017
Time 01:00 pm ET
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Human resources department representatives are typically an organization's first point of contact with applicants and new hires. For this reason, it’s the HR department that that sets the tone for how prospective employees view the company's culture from the very beginning of their interactions with the organization. From the company’s online recruitment presence throughout the entire talent acquisition and on boarding process – and beyond! – Those initial interactions both form applicants’ first impressions and introduce them to the company’s culture. 
Companies that that wish to cultivate a culture of internal and external customer service can’t overlook the importance and impact of the interactions between HR and applicants/new hires. After all – you never get a second-chance to make the first impression. And, with so much competition for top talent, you certainly can’t afford to do things that would cause the right people to self-select them out of consideration or cause the wrong people to think your company is the right place for them! 
The starting point of building a customer-focused culture involves first examining the points of contact that take place between the HR department and applicants, new hires, and incumbent employees. By making sure that the right messages are sent from the first point of contact with the HR department, it's possible to set the stage for cultivating a positive culture of internal customer service that will permeate every aspect of the organization – including how employees treat each other and the level of service they provide to external customers.
Participants will learn how and why customer service really begins in with the HR function, and gain actionable knowledge they can use to improve their ability to provide effective customer service to their organization’s very important internal customers!
  • Who are your customers, really? Discover how (and why!) internal customer service set the tone for external service
  • How HR impacts internal customer service within all organizations 
  • Points of contact for customer service between HR and employees or applicants 
  • Keys to cultivating a culture defined by internal customer service, beginning with the HR department 
  • Characteristics of effective internal customer service – how do you rate?
  • HR Directors
  • HR Managers
  • HR Generalists
  • HR specialists
  • Other HR professionals
  • Principles of effective customer service applied to the HR/internal customer relationship
  • Checklist for effective internal customer service for HR professionals
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