How To Increase Your Revenues By Billing for DME & Stay Legally Compliant

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Date Nov 9, 2017
Time 01:00 pm ET
Cost $189.00
Learn that treating your patients with Durable Medical Equipment can be great for patient clinical outcomes, a great revenue stream and can be legally compliant. It will also lower healthcare costs form unnecessary surgeries and faster rehabilitation. However one must know how to get the proper licensure and know the Federal & State Guidelines. You must know how to prepare to deal with the insurance companies that constantly deny every claim they can for any reason possible.
All practices are facing the fact their professional services reimbursements are shrinking from all insurance companies & including Medicare. Patient loads are smaller due to the economy and operating costs are skyrocketing.  Everyone needs to look at additional revenue opportunities with their own patient base while they maximize patient clinical outcomes. Practitioners for years have been referring the business to O&P shops, manufacturers or 3rd parties because they have been told and believe it is illegal to bill Medicare patients or the DME business is not profitable. For DME many payers including Medicare and they can be excellent payers but you must understand how to get the necessary DME licenses, how to bill them and how to deal with insurance companies legal guidelines to prevent audits.  You also must be compliant with Federal Guidelines such as the Stark Act & Anti-Kickback Statue.  With as little as 1 patient per day you can develop revenues of $10,00+ per month. They are your patients and this should be your monies!
  • Business Opportunities, 
  • Legality, 
  • Myths vs. Reality, 
  • Operational Necessities Guidelines
Doctors, Owners & Administrators
Doctors or Administrators of  these general practice or these specialties:
  • Pain Management
  • Orthopedic
  • Neurological 
  • Chiropractic
  • Podiatry
  • Physiatrist
  • Family Practice& Internal Medicine
This webinar will walk you through the process of how to do the following:
  • Key strategies of a successful program
  • Understand best revenue opportunities
  • How to get a Medicare DME PTAN # 
  • Build a solid business process to prevent and attack audits
  • In-network & Out-of-Network capabilities
  • Understanding the Anti-Kickback Statue & Stark Act
  • Development of a Legal Compliance Program
  • What to do before you dispense
  • The three keys to billing all insurance companies to ensure payment and eliminate denials
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