"Domestic Violence Overseas: Multi-National Employer's Perspective"

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Date Nov 14, 2017
Time 01:00 pm ET
Cost $159.00
Doing business globally creates a variety of challenges for multi-national employers, but one of the most dangerous threats they face may also be the least obvious. This often silent, invisible saboteur is called “Domestic Violence Spillover” and it could cripple an organization from the inside out. Employers can minimize the risks of spillover by applying proactive solutions through a comprehensive and consistent domestic violence prevention program. Learn how through this unique 90 minute training.
Domestic violence spillover presents significant safety risks to a multi-national corporation, but it also causes massive financial losses due to the absenteeism, lost productivity, and health care costs associated with employee victims. All companies are vulnerable, but some more so than others. Employers operating worldwide face amplified perils due to variations in DV prevalence rates, laws, and cultural beliefs in host countries. This presentation explains in detail how employers can meet these challenges and establish an effective response to domestic violence in the workplace. By focusing on three specific Challenge Factors and their accompanying Proactive Principles, threat assessment and management expert Lynn Fairweather offers participants a blueprint for mitigating domestic violence risk at the workplace, regardless of where their company operates. Featured topics include overcoming reporting barriers, demonstrating ideals of equality in the workplace, and navigating regional laws and customs relating to domestic violence. Understanding the issues that complicate domestic violence overseas allows employers to construct workplace response and prevention programs that will simultaneously save both money and human lives.
Corporate threat managers, security, and human resources personnel are all responsible for helping to maintain safety in the workplace. But, if you don’t know what threats are lurking below the surface, or don’t understand the nature of the ones you can see; your company may suffer immeasurable human and financial losses. Domestic violence is an insidious enemy to the global workplace: Over 60% of women and many men in America, and over 70% of women worldwide have been physically, sexually, or severely emotionally abused by an intimate partner. Three quarters of those victims are employed. The violence and harassment that often follows them to work can pose significant danger to staff and customers, while invisibly stealing billions of dollars per year in absenteeism, lost productivity, higher health care costs, increased liability, and reduced employee retention. When a private employer neglects to educate its workforce, fails to establish a culture of trust and disclosure among employees, and remains ignorant to the true reality that victims face, then they are “flying blind” with no way to see the potential risks ahead of them. If an employee involved case “collapses” and tragedy strikes, companies (as well as the communities in and around them) may take years to financially and emotionally recover from the damage. Domestic violence in the multi-national workplace can be a complex, high stakes problem, but it isn’t one without solutions. Don’t miss your team’s opportunity to learn how to face employee involved cases with confidence and security.
This session begins by defining and examining the issue of employee-related domestic violence spillover, including the scope of the problem and the variety of ways it manifests in the multi-national workplace. Next, participants will learn how domestic violence spillover impacts the financial side of their business, and explore the characteristics that can make some companies (and employees) more vulnerable than others. Audience members are then introduced to a series of three Challenge Factors that complicate domestic violence overseas, beginning with #1: Cultural Attitudes Toward Females, Working Women, and “Honor”. These issues are each considered and then paired with a set of accompanying Suggested Prevention/Response Strategies. Challenge Factor #2 looks at the problem of differing international laws and how they can affect an employer’s response to domestic violence. A set of Suggested Prevention/Response Strategists also provided. Attendees will then discover the final Challenge Factor #3: Family Abuse Patterns. Featured segments include the personal identity of female employees, multi-abuser scenarios, and the risk of victim suicide. The presentation then shifts to focus on three Proactive Principles for addressing workplace domestic violence overseas. These include “Know Thy Enemy”: a victim’s view explanation of why domestic violence cases are so complex, “Open Doors and Minds Create Open and Safe Workplaces”: an overview of methods for cultivating a workplace environment that encourages trust and the disclosure of abuse, and “Prevention Efforts Must “Trickle Down” in Order to be Effective”: an argument for ensuring employee victim services far beyond the corporate headquarters. Each of these three areas also has it’s own set of Suggested Prevention/Response Strategies to offer participants even more ideas for avoiding and handling employee-related domestic violence in any country where they operate. Attendees will leave this training with a deeper understanding of why domestic violence poses such a threat to their multi-national corporation, as well as a toolbox of strategies to combat this formidable enemy.
Management, human resources, security, threat assessment, legal, employee relations, and other corporate professionals, particularly those working in multi-national companies
  1. Participants will explore the issue of domestic violence spillover in the workplace, and understand why the risks are heightened for multi-national employers
  2. Participants will discover seven ways in which domestic violence is secretly hurting their business
  3. Participants will examine three crucial Challenge Factors that impact workplace spillover risk and response
  4. Participants will learn a variety of proactive prevention and response strategies to help keep international workplaces running safely and smoothly
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