Federal Government Payment Processes – DNE’s and Reclamations

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Date Nov 21, 2017
Time 01:00 pm ET
Cost $199.00
Processing Federal Government ACH payments follow different Rules for certain processes such as the banks liability when a deceased person is receiving federal government benefit payments. Participants will learn about commercial vs. government reclamations, what the difference is and how to handle processing each one (there IS a difference!). Examples used throughout the session will apply the processes and guidelines discussed to help bring the details to real-life scenarios.
This 90-minute session will discuss details about how processing federal government payments differ from the NACHA Operating Rules. Processing ACH payments from the federal government can be challenging. This webinar training will outline details on when account holders are deceased and what your responsibilities are to the federal government if they are receiving benefit payments. The NACHA Operating Rules still apply when processing these payments but the Green Book outlines exceptions when handling DNEs (Death Notification Entries) and federal government reclamations.
You will learn what the green book is and how this valuable on-line tool will help you with processing DNE’s and federal government reclamations. What is the Bank’s liability when receiving Federal Government benefit payments and the person is deceased – there is full and limited liability?  Knowing the difference and what you NEED to do when an account holder passes will be covered. Commercial reclamations have less liability and differ greatly from processing federal government reclamations; the speaker will cover details on each, including the difference between the two types of reclamations.
  • What is the Green Book and where is it located?
  • Where in the Green Book do I find details on DNEs and government reclamations
  • 31 CFR (Code of Federal Regulation) – Part 210 --- how this applies
  • Process on properly handling Death Notification Entries (DNE’s)
  • Process on returning deceased account-holders federal government benefit payments
  • Process on handling commercial reclamations, timeframes and returns
  • Major differences for banks liability for commercial vs. federal government reclamations
  • Banking operations managers and staff,
  • Compliance and risk professionals,
  • Treasury management professionals,
  • Aspiring and current AAP’s (Accredited ACH professionals),
  • Banking managers/ Supervisors,
  • Audit and compliance personnel / Risk managers
  • Detailed processes on handling Death Notification Entries (DNE’s)
  • Timeframes on returning ACH Entries when account holders are deceased
  • Descriptions of return reason codes to use when returning federal government benefit payments for deceased account holders
  • Correctly processing federal government reclamations
  • Timeframes for responding to government reclamations
  • Difference between commercial and government reclamations
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