Simplifying ACH Returns – Faster Returns in a Same-Day Environment

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Date Dec 6, 2017
Time 01:00 pm ET
Cost $199.00
According to the NACHA Operating Rules, the ACH Return process with current timeframes will remain the way it has been even though we are in the midst of the three-phase implementation of Same Day ACH. With the new Same Day ACH landscape, the additional processing windows “can” change the way Returns are processed (if the RDFI chooses to utilize this feature) to receive faster settlement on the returns without being subjected to the Same Day fee.
The ACH Return process and timeframes according to the Rules will remain the same.  However, in the implementation phases of Same Day ACH, with the new Same Day ACH landscape and additional processing windows can change the way you process your Returns (if you choose to).  Faster settlement on your returns without having to pay a Same Day fee. Real-life examples will be used to help identify details on doing the Return Entries – on the Same Day (Same Day Returns are NOT a requirement).
As an RDFI are you utilizing the full potential of the “return process” in the NEW Same Day Environment?  You CAN do “Same Day” Returns WITHOUT having to pay the 5.2 cent fee for each Same Day Entry. Same Day Returns do NOT pay the fee but can receive settlement for the returns as soon as the same day.
Using the “Same Day Return” function is not mandatory and Returns can still be completed like they are today (processing exception items/returns on Day 2).  But, if you knew that you “could” get same settlement for a return done on the same day of settlement – this is Not JUST about returning “same day” entries on the same day…this is taking any ACH item on any given day (exception or rejects report) and returning it the very same day!
  • Timeframes for returning ACH Entries 
  • Overview of Legacy ACH Return Process & Rules
  • Same Day ACH – Changes in Returns Process
  • Settlement for Returns using the legacy ACH process
  • Same Day ACH Entry Returns (NSF – Debits)
  • Scenarios (multiple) to help identify “how” this new (same day window) opportunity for Returns “can change” your Returns process 
  • Same Day Returns are not just for Same Day Entries!
  • ACH Operations staff
  • Compliance Officers (Auditors)
  • ACH Managers
  • Electronic Payments Professionals
  • AAP’s – keeping up with changes in ACH Rules and wanting to earn AAP Continuing Education Credits
  • Anyone who wishes to enhance their knowledge of new rules
  • Financial Institution Professionals (New/Current Operations Staff)
  • Banking Operations Managers and Staff
  • Compliance and Risk Professionals
  • Treasury Management Professionals
  • Aspiring and Current AAPs (Accredited ACH Professionals)
  • Payroll Processors
  • Company/ Business Owners (Originators)
  • Banking Managers/ Supervisors
  • Audit and Compliance Personnel / Risk Managers
  • Identify the timeframes Returns can be done in the legacy ACH system 
  • Define the difference when doing Returns between the legacy ACH system and the Same Day environment – timeframes and settlement
  • List the settlement times when Returns can settle if done on Same Day vs. next day
  • Describe how the RDFI can benefit from doing Same Day Returns vs. next day returns
  • Outline the process using scenarios to identify the benefits and processes involved
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