HIPAA and social media violations of HIPAA’s privacy requirements

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Date Dec 13, 2017
Time 01:00 pm ET
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This webinar educates the person attending about what rules govern HIPAA privacy that can be broken with a careless or untrained health care worker’s misuse of social media.  While improper social media by an employee may get them fired, that same health care worker may lose his or her license to practice their chosen profession.
This webinar covers the pitfalls that trap an unwary health care practitioner where patient confidentiality is breached when a violation of HIPAA privacy mandates occurs with the misuse of social media.
The basic provisions of privacy for protected health information are well known as they serve to protect health information of the patient from the public at large and from other prying eyes.  From the rise of social media, this provides new avenues and ways for the unwary health care practitioner to violate HIPAA’s privacy requirements.
Examine the private employment rules of a health care facility where employers may take action, and yet may be themselves liable, for HIPAA privacy violations in the uses of social media.  Contrast this with HIPAA mandates for patience confidentiality.
This informative webinar provides those attending with a more complete knowledge of the HIPAA privacy mandates as enforced by state licensure boards and agencies and their own, unique pre-HIPAA confidentiality laws.  This webinar carries into the next section a detailed look at privacy laws at the state level that may impact not the employment of the health care practitioner, but their license and very livelihood at stake.
Health care practitioners and the facilities which employ them fear HIPAA violations via social media posted by careless or untrained health care workers.
Examine the uncertainty about how health care facilities and employers may take action, and may be themselves liable, for HIPAA privacy violations in the uses of social media.
Erase the uncertainty and doubt that exists when the health care practitioner is confronted with a possible HIPAA privacy violation in the use and abuse of social media.
Find out in this informative webinar that provides you with a more complete knowledge of the HIPAA privacy mandates as enforced by state licensure boards and agencies and their own, unique pre-HIPAA confidentiality laws.  Not only can a health care worker be “fired by Facebook,” but a licensed health care practitioner may be subject to licensure discipline as well.
This webinar provides an overview of core privacy requirements of HIPAA.  Then, the subject moves to the social media activities of health care practitioners.  This webinar provides a brief summary of those basic HIPAA privacy protections then goes into detail on the many ways a health care provider may run afoul of the privacy exceptions via the use of social media.
This may occur both when a heath care practitioner initiates a social media comment and when the practitioner responds to a social media statement.  A common pitfall is where current or former patients rate doctors on health care practitioner rating websites.
How does one respond and not violate the law?  Can the doctor’s informed consent or practice policy documentation with the patient cover this and prevent the patient from speaking out on social media about the doctor?
This webinar will cover examples of state laws that apply to licensed health care professionals that mandate confidentiality and will further examine how health care professionals’ licenses can be suspended or revoked for privacy violations in the course of using social media.  Finally, a look at how employment rules of the health care facility may impact the use of social media by the health care practitioner.
Individual health care practitioners; health care attorneys; teachers and educators in graduate-level medical education across the many health care professions; corporate counsel in health care.
  • The basics of HIPAA privacy requirements;
  • The permitted use of social media by health care practitioners;
  • Employer or health care facility rules governing employee uses of social media;
  • State authority of licensure boards and agencies to regulate the confidentiality of Protected Health Information held by licensed health care practitioners;
  • How social media violations may occur by health care practitioners;
  • Examples of social media violations and HIPAA privacy mandates;
  • Social media rankings and health care practitioner’s enticed violations;
  • Tips and techniques and a checklist for using social media in compliance with HIPAA.
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