Firewall: How Corporate Security Can Prevent Domestic Violence Attacks

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Date Jan 9, 2017
Time 01:00 pm ET
Cost $159.00
Ranging from employee performance issues to horrific mass murders, domestic violence “spillover” in the workplace is responsible for bringing both staggering economic losses and significant personal safety risks to businesses and the people that work in or visit them. Learn how to assess and manage DV threat from the angle of security through this unique, multimedia presentation based on the concept that corporate security teams can increase overall safety and pro-actively prevent workplace attacks. Featured content areas include assessment tools and insights, case management strategies, target hardening tactics, and corollary safety.
Statistically speaking, every large company has domestic violence in their midst, whether they realize it or not. More than half of women (and many men) have experienced physical, sexual, or severe emotional abuse during their lifetime and most of these victims are employed, as are their abusers. When both show up to their jobs, the abuse and harassment often follow, emerging as domestic violence “spillover” in the workplace. The spillover spectrum ranges from repetitive phone calls on the mild end, to mass shootings on the extreme. Of course, violent incidents are a primary concern, but the impact of domestic violence in the workplace reaches far beyond human safety alone. Abused employees have higher absenteeism and lower productivity rates than non-abused employees. They also have over 40% higher health care costs and a greater chance of leaving the company or being fired because of what they are experiencing at home and at work. Their abusers create a significant liability risk for employers facing everything from OSHA violations to multi-million dollar post-incident lawsuits. If employee victims aren’t coming forward and management isn’t responding correctly, then the company is “flying blind”, unable to see the dangers before them. Employers should attend this training because while it is within their power to address and defeat the insidious enemy of domestic violence, they can’t do it without understanding the nature of their opponent and knowing exactly what tools to use in the battle against it.
94% of corporate security directors rank domestic violence (DV) as a high security concern, due to the immense safety risks it presents. From communicated threats, to assaults and mass shootings, DV “spillover” poses a significant danger, accounting for roughly 25-45% of the cases security teams deal with. Additionally, American industry is losing roughly 10 billion dollars a year due to the absenteeism, lost productivity, employee turnover, and increased health care costs associated with DV. Some employees or businesses may be at more risk than others. Learn how to assess and manage DV threat from the angle of security through this unique, multimedia presentation, facilitated by subject matter expert Lynn Fairweather. This training provides a flexible, practical framework for preventing and handling violent attacks in the workplace, using a combination of theoretical insights and target hardening tactics. The first portion presents cutting edge research, along with key “lessons learned” in real-life workplace homicide cases. Participants will discover what makes DV threat a “different animal”, and examine key threat assessment concepts for interpreting DV risk. Feature areas include how to recognize both “yellow” and “red” flags for risk, evaluate stated threats, and identify perpetrator “leakage”. In the second half of the training, attendees will explore ways to develop and implement the case management strategies that can prevent spillover attacks. Using the concept of “seamless” safety planning, Ms. Fairweather explains how security personnel can translate their knowledge of DV into improvements in areas such as access controls, communications, and the safety of workplace “hot spots”, or locations where violence often occurs. Special focus areas are: dealing with dual-employee cases, mitigating “corollary" risk, handling restraining orders, working with victims, and collaborating with other departments to obtain and disseminate vital information.
  • Participants will develop a deeper understanding of domestic violence spillover in the workplace and how it impacts the safety of all employees
  • Participants will list known risk factors for domestic violence lethality, and demonstrate the victim interviewing skills that can help them to obtain that information
  • Participants will learn threat assessment and management theories and techniques that can be practically applied to their everyday work
  • Participants will discover practical strategies and effective tactics for preventing domestic violence spillover in the workplace
Security professionals at all levels, Human Resources, Management, Employee Relations, and Legal personnel
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