Know The Three Principles Behind All Human Mental Functioning, Behavior And Action

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Date Feb 1, 2018
Time 01:00 pm ET
Cost $159.00
High work performance isn’t just about completing the project, but completing it efficiently. Our upcoming webinar talks about the new work culture where success is closely associated with higher consciousness, higher performance and higher satisfaction. Join the webinar and upgrade your professional skills. 
  • You are passionate about empowering those you lead with greater intelligence and people skills – taking the whole company to a new level.
  • You know that any proven breakthrough in mind or brain functioning should be leveraged to impact the whole company’s experience, performance and success
  • You are greatly intrigued by breakthroughs about the human mind and brain
  • You believe that “higher consciousness” is not a gimmick – and is required for optimal performance
  • You know one leader’s evolution can create a ripple effect on others
  • You see yourself as being in service as a leader
  • Describe how the mind creates human experience and why this changes the rules for evolving satisfaction and performance
  • Describe how the brain keeps people stuck in old patterns and what is required to break free
  • Gain insight into implications and practical applications as a leader
Speaker Profile
Craig Polsfuss is an integral psychologist and leadership development specialist. He is recognized as a pioneer in two leading-edge developments – one psychology-based and one neuroscience-based. He is published in professional journals on leadership and high-performance.
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