Small Business Management Made Simple:Tools, Tips & Techniques for Successful Business Management

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Date Mar 13, 2018
Time 01:00 pm ET
Cost $159.00
Many business owners and managers have excellent product ideas that could be very profitable.  However, their enterprises are not as successful as they could or should be.  This is typically due to their lack of a basic understanding and foundation of the tools and techniques needed to successfully manage a business.  This webinar is a summary of simple tools and techniques needed to be successful at managing a business. It also offers helpful hints and bits of wisdom included in thespeaker’s published handbook – Small Business Management Made Simple!
This handbook is based on his 30 years of business management, ownership and business coaching experience.
The handbook and webinar were developed with the business owner/manager in mind.  It covers all the significant items needed to succeed in business, based primarily on personal experiences and knowledge acquired in the actual management of various business enterprises.  The tools and techniques are presented in what might be called “The Rules of the Business Game”. Business is a game and those that win, know and are able to play by the rules better than others.
You will learn to win in business through the utilization and application of these rules. 
Webinar Components:
  • Business Plan: Blueprint for success and raising capital
  • Customer Service: Your competitive edge and opportunity to provide solutions and not just service. 
  • Pricing: Pleasing comes before pricing
  • Finances: Simple concepts of separating business and personal finances
  • Cost Control: Keys and cautions to cost control
  • Cash: The most essential component to business success!
  • Business Plan: Essential components and how to develop
  • Customer Service:
    • Customer concerns that require constant focus
    • The need to focus on process vs. product to match customer perception
    • Customer focus rules
  • Pricing:
    • Basic pricing concepts
    • How to set prices and fees
    • Key elements of customer pricing expectations
  • Finances:
    • How to manage business and personal finances
    • How to control costs, cash and credit
    • How to save and reinvest profits to grow the business
  • Cost Control:
    • Keys to controlling costs
    • Three types of costs and how to control each
    • Cost control cautions
  • Cash:
    • Cash availability and control is critical
    • How to develop cash projections to ensure constant availability
    • How to manage your cash to cash cycle
Basic elements, tools & techniques to successfully manage a small business including Plans, Customer Service, Finances, Pricing, Cost Control & Cash Management. All are essential elements to successfully manage a business.
Webinar designed for owners, managers, entrepreneurs, stake holders. And those planning to enter into business. A complete summary presentation for small to medium size business owners
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