Principles of Hiring Great People

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Date Mar 21, 2018
Time 01:00 pm ET
Cost $159.00
Great people are the single best asset/resource of a successful business. With great people you have innovation, creativity, enthusiasm, quality, responsiveness and results. Together these produce profits.
When you hire less than great people you inhibit the ability and attitude of the entire organization. It is like having a severe cold, headache or pain in the stomach. The wrong people in an organization slow it down, cause confusion and prevent the achievement of great goals.
Most people do not deliberately hire people that don't fit rather they just haven’t given the hiring process the appropriate emphasis, effort and effective planning. They are usually unconscious of how important it is to get the most appropriate, best and brightest people matched well to each position in a company. 
It doesn’t have to be that way. Everyone wins when the hiring process leads to a quality fit and you hire great people. This webinar will show you exactly how to do just that; you will soon find and hire great people!
You will learn critical elements, practices and insights for how to hire the best people. Quality people will make your job easier, the organization better and produce at a level of excellence most people only dream about.
By pushing your own comfort zones, learning new skills and having a clear focus, a deliberate plan and the skills to execute you will succeed. The entire hiring process will be plainly explained, details of each procedure will be discussed from top to bottom. You will have the necessary confidence and insight to know when to say, “No” and when to give the green light to proceed you will produce great results. 
It is up to you to master the techniques. This webinar will give you that opportunity with practical examples of exactly how to do it.
  • How to find great people?
  • How to qualify candidates?
  • How to select the best and separate the less qualified?
  • How to interview and create maximum understanding of the candidates?
  • How to evaluate and rank each candidate?
  • Designing a hiring process that works, with real life examples.
  • Getting other people involved in the process.
  • The best way to use assessments, tests and exercises.
  • Effective communication from start to finish.
People are the primary resource and solution to all of your goals and dreams. It all starts with your ability to hire great people. The better you get at hiring, the better everything turns out.
CEO, President, Vice Presidents, Leaders, Managers and Supervisors. As well as those who have been identified as future leaders within your organization.
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