2018 FUTA Tax Rate, IRS Form 940 and Unemployment Benefits

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Date May 3, 2018
Time 01:00 PM
Cost $159.00
This webinar will provide all the necessary tools to know how to properly process federal and state unemployment taxation and how you can reduce cost for unemployment taxation for your employer.  In a time when employers are always looking for ways to reduce cost this webinar will give you tips to reduce taxation burdens.
For years the only changes payroll professionals had to worry about was normal rate changes for state unemployment each year. But in recent years the IRS has made updates to the federal Form 940 and states are in a much different position financially regarding unemployment benefits. Because several states are faced with depleted funds, changes are occurring on payroll unemployment taxes.
  • Understanding who and what earnings are subject to unemployment taxes
  • A review of FUTA tax rate and tax depositing
  • Discuss Form 940 changes and common mistakes made
  • How FUTA & SUTA interact and why it is important to understand
  • Discussion on the status of the state unemployment system and how it will affect your job in the coming years
  • How to determine the correct SUI State
  • Details of the FUTA Credit Reduction states for 2017
  • What is the SIDES program and what its impact will be 
  • How to reduce and maintain your SUI rates
To better understand the unemployment system and reporting requirements of employers
Payroll, Accounting and HR professionals
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