Argentina Shale Water Management & Frac Sand Logistics

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Date Jun 26, 2018
Time 10:00 am - 18:00 pm
Cost $ 1495.00
Bringing together shale water management and frac sand experts in Argentina
Welcome to the Argentina Shale Water Management & Frac Sand Logistics 2018Exhibition and Conference where shale operators and service companies will meet with leading water management and proppant experts in Buenos Aires, Argentina to explore new cost-effective water sourcing and frac sand supply solutions for the fast-developing Argentinian shale industry.
Argentina is on course to becoming a global shale oil and gas producer. The challenge is how to exploit these large shale reserves across in the Neuquén, Austral, San Jorge and Cuyana shale plays, at low costs to enable commercial production. The main challenge for Argentinian producers is to import and deliver proppant cost-effectively and to transport water used for shale operations to remote deserts. The supply of proppants and water management will therefore play a critical role in the development of the Vaca Muerta, the D-129, and the other unconventional plays within Argentina's shale basins.
Session I: Shale Water Management
Will Argentinian shale operators meet the challenges of keeping water transportation costs down to a minimum? Are shale operators ready take on new and innovative solutions to recycle and re-use produced water similar to their U.S competitors? Shale operators and service companies will meet with leading water management experts to explore new and cost-effective water sourcing, treatment, disposal and storage solutions for the upcoming Argentinian shale plays.
With developments in treatment technologies and strategic know-how, recent innovations in shale water management offer new hope for Argentinian shale operators looking to cut costs under challenging market conditions and to better manage their wastewater to improve operational efficiencies and to achieve profitability for new operations.
Session II: Frac Sand Supply and Logistics
How will the current market for proppants impact supplies to Argentina? Will the Argentinian operators be able to absorb the costs associated with frac-sand transportation and compete with the U.S. market? The supply chain across North America is already under pressure to adopt cost-cutting strategies and navigating through the market has become increasingly complex.
In addition to market constraints, logistics and transportation companies, together with rail and transloading facilities need to find practical solutions to enable Argentinian operators to compete. Existing Argentinian transportation networks need to focus on efficiencies in order to keep costs low for shale operations to be commercially viable.
The objective of the Argentina Shale Water Management & Frac Sand Logistics 2018 conference will be to bring the shale water management and frac-sand supply chain industry together with upcoming Argentinian shale operators to evaluate new solutions for overcoming the market and logistical challenges of supplying water and frac sand to shale wells across Argentina.
Our agenda will include:
  • Shale water strategies and frac-sand market supplies
  • New rail loading, offloading, and transloading developments
  • Looking for low-cost solutions for shale water sourcing and treatment
  • Upcoming regulations and industry standards for shale water and proppants
  • Water management, proppant logistics, and last-mile transportation strategies
  • Case studies and trials for sourcing water and proppants to remote well sites


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