For Women In Long-Term Relationships - Empathy + Your Partner

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Date May 6, 2018
Time 8:00 pm
Cost Free
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What Is Empathy? Do You Know How To Show Empathy Towards Your Partner? 
Empathy Is A Skill That Can Be Learned ... A Skill That Will Give You More Understanding Of How Your Partner Experiences And Sees The World.
  • Set Aside 45 Minutes Of Your time ...
    to learn how to explore empathy and how it can enhance your relationship with your partner
  • Be Prepared With Paper And Pencil ...
    because you will do active exercises to help you put words into action
  • Maybe Your Partner Is Ready To Join You ...​​​​​​​
    because the exercises are designed to do it together
  • Proven Solutions That Work ...
    yes, I did them all too and applied it to my personal relationship and so did many of my private clients


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