Yoga Teacher Training in India

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Date Jun 7, 2018
Time 7:00 am
Cost 1500$

India is a land of harmony, nature, and spirituality. From the snow-packed Himalayas in the North to the astoundingly stunning beaches in the South, India’s mainland is crammed with enormous beautiful sites. Across the country, religious and social compatibility can be found as a result of the yogic teachings. The ancient science is celebrated in the country like every other thing. In the proximity of venerated Shwaasa Guru, realize your cosmic potential while attending Yoga Teacher Training in India. Walk on the sacred path of self-modification along with gaining a Yoga Alliance certificate for a Yoga teacher.

Event Description: 

The journey of Yoga TTC in India takes place in three versions- 200, 300, & 500 YTTC. 200 and 500 Hour Yoga programs are open for everybody while you need to have completed the 200 Hour version to get admitted to the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India. The curriculum of these events is completely based on the Yoga Alliance standards.

Event Highlights:

• Learn and practice all the facets of traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga.
• Understand and implement the philosophies of Yoga in your life.
• Advanced practice of Pranayama and other breathing practices.
• Go deeper in the search of life’s real meaning and attain enormous spiritual knowledge while indulging   in deep meditation.
• Improvement in asanas and human body postures with Adjustment and Alignment. 
• Study of the human body science and its function while practicing Yoga.
• Teachings of the Ayurvedic science and Yogic cooking classes.
• Devotional practices of Mantra Chanting and Satsang to fill the mind with positive energy.
• Acquire the attributes of a great Yoga teacher during Teaching Methodology sessions.
• Laughter Yoga therapy classes to understand the significance of laughter and recreation.
• Visit the many other historical sites of spiritual and yogic significance.

Food and Accommodation: 

With a huge experience in conducting Yoga programs in the past, we have realized the immense need for Ayurvedic foods. Completely vegetarian and immensely palatable food is prepared by our professional chefs. We provide three Yogic meals a day along with herbal drinks to ensure proper fulfillment of aspirants’ mind and body’s need. Both our centers in India (Rishikesh and Kerala) offer a clean and healthy accommodation. Surrounded by lakes and mountains, the stay seems heavenly and quaint. You will be living in a room of utmost quality equipped with all the modern facility. Garden and private balcony are provided to enjoy the charm of nature.

Fee Details: 

200 Hour Yoga TTC

Rishikesh: 1350 USD and 1500 USD
Kerala: 1650 USD and 1800 USD

For complete details about the fee, visit our website:

About Shwaasa: Shwaasa Yoga Center is a renowned Yoga school in India. Located in the Garden city of Bangalore, the institute organizes various Yoga programs such as Yoga TTC, Yoga therapy classes, Himalayan Yoga Retreat, etc., across the subcontinent. The premier school is famous for its International Yoga Day grand celebrations in which it celebrates by presenting the Yoga Ratna Awards for excellence in Yoga. The award remains one of the most prestigious marks in the field of Yoga. The school runs on the principles of Sri Vachananda Ji. Popularly known as Shwaasa Guru, he believes in the power of breathing and wants to see a society free from any kind of physical and mental disorders. 


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