Yoga Certification Training in Gurgaon

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Date Jun 8, 2018
Time 7:00 am
Cost 70000 INR

Yoga has become an utter need for today’s people. Humans are getting bizarrely caught in the impure environment of the modern world. The hectic life and unexpected rush are creating a stressful situation in the life of a person. A number of people are moving towards Yoga for the ultimate cure for all these problems. Keeping in mind the busy schedule of Delhi NCR people and their zeal for a higher level of Yoga, Aum Yoga Shala has brought Yoga Certification in Gurgaon. During the program, people have the opportunity to spend their time with some of the excellent Yogis and learn from the best Yoga teachers. On a successful completion of the yoga training at Aum Yoga Shala, a Yoga Alliance validated certificate is granted that enables the graduate to become a globally-authorized Yoga teacher.

Event Description: 

The yoga certification training curriculum is designed in such a way that every aspirant feels comfortable while gaining deep yogic benefits out of the program. The event aspires to bestow with an assortment of traditional as well as contemporary Yoga. The yoga training program is open to everyone who wants to learn the core of Yoga.

Event Highlights:

• Get introduced to classical modern Yoga and its history.
• Learn about Hatha Yoga that constitutes Mudras and Bandhas.
• All the elementary series and aspects of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.
• Get introduced to various breathing series- Puraka, Rechaka, and Kumbhaka. Learn about the tremendous   benefits of Pranayama. 
• Deep relaxation therapy and mental tranquility with Meditation and Yoga Nidra practice.
• Understand the structure of human body systems- digestive, skeleton, respiratory, etc., and relate them   to the practice of Yoga.
• Learn how to use props for protection during asanas and using various Adjustment and Alignment   techniques.
• Learning Yoga as a spiritual practice to apply the teachings of Yoga in life.
• Teachings of various Yoga aspects such as Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga. 
• Self-practice of class organization and sadhana to learn the art of preparing for the class and teaching   styles.
• Study of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic life style, and the perfect eating habits for a Yogi.

Fee Details: For Indian citizens, the total fee is INR 40,000, and INR 70,000 is the fee for foreign nationals.

About Aum Yoga Shala: Aum Yoga Shala is one of the leading Yoga centers in Delhi NCR. The studio was open with a purpose of making the teachings of Yoga accessible to the citizens of Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. We believe in the power of AUM, the ultimate sound for a complete mind-body-soul calmness. The aim is to decorate this world with the feeling of happiness and goodwill. Located in Gurgaon, the Yoga Shala is famous for its group of competent teachers and a number of Yoga programs that it offers. Along with the daily studio classes, the studio offers Yoga TTC, Yoga Retreat, Corporate Yoga classes, and workshops. The yoga teacher training programs are organized in association with Rishikul Yogshala, a world’s leading Yoga Alliance affiliated Yoga school.


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