Himalayan Yoga Retreat in India

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Date Sep 4, 2018
Time 6:00 AM
Cost 450$

The Himalayas, a source of tremendous yogic knowledge, a site where the most excellent sages and saints have sought shelter. The globe’s largest mountains are the homes of the Shiva, the ultimate Yogi. The mountains are the origin of some of the purest and most ancient rivers like the Ganges, Yamuna, Indus, etc. Breathtaking waterfalls, awe-inspiring lakes, and snow-laden hills are found in abundance in the Himalayas. Let’s travel into the pleasing lap of the Mother Nature with the honorable Shwaasa Guru. Take the 5-day sacred journey of the Himalayan Yoga Retreat in India along with attaining eternity in the home of Yoga and Spirituality.

Date: 4th - 8th September 2018

Event Description: 

The event is an appointment with the Divine on the serene trails of the Himalayas. It is a devotional expedition in search of the true meaning of the life. You shall connect with each and every particle of nature while pampering the soul with Meditation.

Event Highlights: 

• Explore the traditional and intensive limbs of Yoga at its origin point in the Himalayas. Embrace  the Yoga asanas and principles alongside the sacred flow of the Ganges.
• Meditation on the Himalayan peaks or near the pleasant falls to bless the mind with immense  concentration and enlightenment towards a rejuvenating life.
• Get engaged in the devotional conference of Satsang. The practice shall help you attain mental  liberation.
• Visit the glorious towns and places of historical importance and experience the panorama of Indian  culture and society.
•Hike through the spellbinding sceneries of the Himalayan landscape and biodiversity to lead towards  complete salvation.
• We take you through the unforgettable experience of the most ancient caves and temples as sources of  immense knowledge. Go through the era of their origin and crave a story or two looking at the ancient sculptures.
• Have a sacred glimpse of the Buddhist living style and teachings by visiting the multiple  monasteries of India. Learn the art of meditation from the monks there.

Food and Accommodation: During the 5-day course, you will be living in the Himalayan paradise and savouring the delectable Indian food. The authentic vegetarian food is prepared by the professional chefs who care immensely about our guests. The accommodation offered in the remote locations contain well-furnished rooms with modern facilities and magnificent views. Wake up along with the Sun when it shall emerge amidst the mountains scattering its rays all around the globe.

Fee Details: Total cost of 5-day and 4-night stay is 450 USD.

About Shwaasa: Shwaasa Yoga Center is among the best Yoga Institutes in India. It is headquartered in Bangalore and offers a number of Yoga programs like Yoga TTC, Himalayan Retreat, Kung Fu Yoga Retreat, etc., at its centers across the Indian subcontinent. Started by the time-served Guru Sri Vachananda Ji, the school is known for the gala celebration on the eve of the International Yoga Day. The Yoga Ratna presented by Shwaasa is among the biggest Yoga awards across the globe.


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