Yoga Teacher Training Certification in India

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Date Jul 7, 2018
Time 12:00 pm
Cost 1500$

In matters of spirituality, India is a millionaire. It is such a land where all true seekers long to go to, and having been opened to its rich treasures even for a glimpse, can’t give it away for all the rest of the world’s shows combined. 200 hour yoga teacher training in India calls on to the devout to come and bathe in the original fountain of yogic knowledge here in the birth land of original Vedic wisdom. Not only will you find exposure to the systems of yoga from traditional masters but also get to discover the nature-based holistic healing and rejuvenation system with Kerala school of Ayurveda. Take this course of inner strengthening, deep nurture, and healing to unleash the limitless, invincible you!

About the Program

A month-long commitment with intensive yoga, meditation, and pranayama in the sage land of Rishikesh and the fabled coastal paradise of Ayurveda, this program engages the spiritual mind to self-search and reform at a personal level. The restless and the encumbered find solace in meditation, strength and focus in asana, restoration of inner balance with mastery over breath, and wholesomeness with Ayurveda. Here are the specifics-

• A steady foundation with strength building asana from Hatha and Ashtanga primary series.
• Meditation techniques with mantra chanting and such other psychically engaging methods.
• Pranayamic breath control and inner body purification.
• Philosophy and history of yoga as a spiritual discipline and innate Indic lifestyle.
• The nutritional principles of Ayurveda in everyday food, Ayurvedic culinary, and dosha- specific eating.
• Yoga therapy as a self-sustained cure for malignant and episodic diseases alike.
• Local excursions of natural, historical, or cultural interests to understand the proliferation   of yoga in the land of the yogis.

Food and Accommodation

Yoga teacher training in India, the very sacred land of Vedic prudence, should be all the more appropriate for the seekers because none of the auxiliary requisites of key importance in day to day life is left out from the ambit of the discipline. From a balanced serving of food to keep you hale and hearty to creating a suitable meditational space for continuing your soulful introspection, our program covers everything. You will be accommodated in simple but utility rooms in a quiet part of the town, beautiful yoga halls overlooking forested hills of Rishikesh, or the vast effervescent sea of Kerala, and a garden patch to relax. Our local chefs plate up Ayurvedically approved food that not just tastes good but also keeps you going through the rigorous course.

Location: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand and Varkala, Kerala

Fee Details- 

1350 USD for a shared room and 1500 USD for a private room, in Rishikesh.
1650 USD for a shared room and 1800 USD for a private room, in Kerala.
including food, and excursions

About is a collaborative effort by a global network of yoga-loving folks and Yoga TTC Alumni, bringing into focus spiritual discipline and wellness courses conducted by traditional yoga schools of the birth land India. Yoga opportunities at dazzling spiritual locations over the globe, highly comprehensive courses, delightful retreats, and scintillating informative pieces on all things of yoga are now available on this site.


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