HR Practices in Terminating Employees

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Date Jun 12, 2018
Time 01:00 PM
Cost $159.00
Employers must terminate employees from time to time in order to run their businesses effectively.In today’s litigious world, terminating employees is an emotional and legal minefield for managers and supervisors.Even subtle differences in preparing for and conducting terminations can impact greatly the level of legal risk, and whether an employer faces a claim that may cost six figures (or more) in potential liabilities and litigation costs.This webinar will give you knowledge on basic employment laws at the federal & state level and practical strategies about the process of termination.
Terminations – whether they involve a single employee or a large-scale layoff – are never easy. Although it is one of the most displeasing sides of business management and ownership, it is sometime absolutely necessary. Along with the emotional stress they cause, terminations can also pose enormous legal risks. Whether its insubordination, poor performance, or incompatibility you need to ensure that you and your managers know how to handle this task effectively, legally and safely.
  • Type of employees being terminated (At-Will, Government, Contract).
  • Review of the Company Termination Policy : different termination reasons
  • Federal &state laws related to wrongful termination
  • Discipline process and termination paperwork
  • How to conduct a termination meeting
  • Severance Pay, Waivers of Legal Rights and Unemployment Claims: key considerations for individual terminations and group layoffs.
  • Post  termination legalities
  • Workplace violence
  • Employee termination policies
  • Risk analysis
  • When Is It Illegal to fire an employee?
  • Documenting procedures and guidelines
  • Who should be present during the termination?
  • What you should or shouldn’t say during termination proceedings
  • Informing the employee
  • Final Paycheck ,Severance Pay and Unemployment Claims
  • How to utilize the termination procedure to reduce the risk of lawsuits and the risk of workplace violence
  • Business Owners/Operators
  • HR/Personnel Managers
  • Department or Unit Managers
  • Hiring Managers
Any Manager or Employee with the responsibility of terminating other employees
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