Crash Course in Mistake-Free Business Grammar and Writing

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Date Jun 12, 2018
Time 01:00 PM
Cost $159.00
No matter what industry you work in, your writing can and will affect your ability to be heard, understood, and promoted.  If you want to get your message across to a diverse audience, your writing must be clear, strong, and error free. This crash course will walk you through the basics you may have forgotten and show you how to correct the biggest mistakes before you share them with your audience — whether it’s your staff, coworkers, and boss or your customers, shareholders, and investors.
How do I ensure that my message is clear, strong, and error-free? How important is a comma, and how many do I use? When does a rogue apostrophe make me look like a fool? When do I use the word “myself” or “whom?” What are dords and why should I avoid using them? This crash course will delve into the poor practices that you take for granted, words that get you in trouble, and the power of punctuation.
This presentation will include fun and easy ways to remember and use the following;
  • Why grammar matters
  • Passive vs. active language
  • How to fight wordiness and redundancies
  • Words and phrases you use every day that damage your reputation
  • Commonly misused and confused words
  • The punctuation hierarchy
  • The royal order of adjectives (and when NOT to use commas)
  • Proper use of myself/yourself (given the 99.99% chance you’re doing it wrong)
  • “Professional” vs. “amateur” nouns (possessive and plural pronouns)
After taking this course, your writing will not only be more professional, it will be more effective. This course will shine a light on all those grammar gaffs and spelling spoofs that muddy your message. You will learn how to write with succinct clarity using more direct and flawlessly punctuated language. You will come away with fun ways to remember when to use what and why.
Anyone in the business world from non-native English speakers to more advanced writers who still wonder when to use “who” vs. “whom” or when to stick a comma in their sentence.
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