Intro to Access Programming

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Date Jun 21, 2018
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
During this webinar, the attendee will learn all the basics of programming in Microsoft Access. We will begin with an overview where we will explore the form event model, and how to launch the development environment. We will then write simple event procedure code that executes in response to the user taking specific actions. Once we have explored the most commonly used form events, we will explore the most commonly used report events. We will see how we can use programming code to customize the behaviour of both forms and reports.
Attend the webinar to understand the basics of Microsoft Access programming, including the knowledge of the VBA programming language.
This webinar is focused on two groups of people. The first are Access power users who are very familiar with the process of creating tables, queries, forms, and reports, but do not currently have the ability to customize the behaviour of forms and reports with programming code. Through this webinar, these power users will take their Access abilities to a whole new level. The second are developers that are currently developing applications in other database development environments.
The attendee will learn the basics of programming in Microsoft Access. After attending the webinar, they will understand the basics of the VBA programming language and will learn how to apply that knowledge to the programming of forms and reports. They will also become familiar with the most commonly used form and report events.
Power Users, Database Developers
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