Everything about the W-4 Form you need to know

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Date Jul 17, 2018
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $199.00
  • Understanding the proper way to process a federal W-4
  • How to handle a tax protestor?
  • What should be the proper process for an invalid W-4?
  • Proper processing and maintenance of a IRS lock in letter
  • Understanding the requirements around Form W-4 and how an employer can be at risk
  • IRS Form W-4 changed requirements and how it affects you as an employer
  • Employer notification requirements and important deadlines for both Form W-4
  • Discussion on what make the Form W-4 invalid
  • Lock in letters from the IRS and how to handle
This webinar will give the participant all they need to know to be ready for the new form W-4 that was released in 2018 along with potential changes coming soon.  How to advise employees on how to complete along with what not to say to employees to make sure the employer does not become liable for information on the form W-4.
Understand the new Form W-4 and laws that surround how to properly complete and maintain.
Form W-4 is a critical form that all companies have to obtain from employees.  And the IRS has specific laws and how they should be handled plus these laws change and it is important to keep current.
Review recent updates due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs act that was passed in late 2017.  Discuss any concerns around proper processing and your role in processing according to the IRS
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • HR professionals
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