Marrying Career Development with Succession Planning

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Date Aug 8, 2018
Time 01:00 PM
Cost $159.00
We are striving to create by this suggested marriage is a culture that creates an exciting high performance collaboration through openness, transparency, trust and communication at all levels in the organizations. We will look at how some organizations have clear career ladders, fast-tracking and typical career development and succession planning that is disjointed.  I will offer examples of best practices.
To learn new ways of looking at career development and succession planning.
  • HR’s role
  • Rules
  • Regulations
  • Conventions and Laws
  • Career Development – Typical Process
  • Professional Development Internally
  • Succession Planning
  • Marrying Career Development
  • Succession Planning
Companies have a much better chance of grooming the right people for moving upward in the organization if they provide career development opportunities based on their future succession needs.  Too, providing these opportunities is a motivator for the best and the brightest to stay with the organization and prove their worth by their creativity and productivity.  My ultimate goal is to change from the typical Silos of responsibility typically found in our organizations to a merging of functions, championed by the CEO and managed by the professionals in HR
C level executives who want to increase the chances of maintaining their best employees and finding the best fit for lines of succession.  It is also valuable for anyone in the workplace interested in learning strategies that will help them get ahead.
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