Yoga Teacher Training in India in December 2018

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Dec 7, 2018
Time 12:00pm
Cost 1800$

The land of pleasing mountains that give birth to multiple sacred rivers, the soil that has produced millions of great thinkers, India is certainly the powerhouse of knowledge. Illuminate yourself by the way of Yoga and spirituality with Yoga teacher training in India. In the gratifying month of December when the winter celebrations reanimate the body, embark on the spiritual journey with the month-long Yoga program in the soulful vicinity of venerated Shwaasa Guru.

Event Description:

The eminence of our revered Guru, Shri Vachanand Ji is waiting to bless you in the land of spiritual notability. During the course of the Yoga event, you shall fully immerse in the traditional system and discipline of Yoga as you shall emerge as a certified yoga teacher and a keen practitioner of the art.

Event Highlights:

• An Introduction to the historical importance of Yoga.
• Study of various sacred books of yogic importance such as Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and derive their meaning of a beautiful life.
• Get introduced to the Yoga asanas and their practice in a more sophisticated way.
• The art of advancement of the body postures during the asanas with a detailed training of Adjustment and Alignment.
• The practice of breathing and the philosophy of pranic energy with Pranayama sessions.
• Attaining a deeper level of mental and spiritual concentration with Meditation practice.
• Education of various Yoga types such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Karma Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, etc., and the principles of each type.
• Understand the role of each Yoga asana and practice in the body and life.
• The training of spiritual illumination and Mantra Chanting.
• Purification of the mind and inner soul with the divine practice of Satsang.
• Ayurveda training that includes the study of sattvic lifestyle and Ayurvedic way of living.
• Talk with the teacher on how to advance on the spiritual path.

Food and Accommodation: 

We believe in the idea of yogic development that cannot be fulfilled without proper food and ambiance. Thus, we offer completely vegetarian and luscious meals three times a day. The meals are served along with local spices and herbal drinks to fulfill the demands of the aspirants’ body. Our ashrams in India are located amidst amazing natural beauties that offer a pleasant stay. The rooms are beautifully maintained and adorned with all the amenities such as twin-beds, fan, lights, etc. Private balcony and open gardens welcome the students to feel the warmth of nature during their time of leisure.

Fee Details: 


200 Hour: USD 1650 and USD 1800
300 Hour: USD 1900 and USD 2100
500 Hour: USD 3000 and USD 3300


200 Hour: USD 1450 and USD 1600
300 Hour: USD 1650 and USD 1800
500 Hour: USD 3500 and USD 3900

About Shwaasa: Shwaasa Yoga Center is a renowned Yoga school that follows the ideals of Hon’ble Shwaasa Guru. Guru Ji started this Yoga Shala with an aim to flourish the yogic teachings across and create a prosperous society. The Yoga Center organizes numerous programs such as Yoga teacher training, Himalayan retreats, therapy course, etc. Every year, the organization comes into the limelight for its gala celebration of International Yoga Day in which many Yoga entities present themselves at.


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