The Negative Results of Overselling: How to Turn Your Sales Culture Around and Develop a Profitable Customer Relationship.

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Date Sep 13, 2018
Time 01:00 PM EDT
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What if you realize that you have indeed overpromised on a sale that you know you can't deliver?Even though most sales people know how dangerous it is to over-promise and underdeliver, why is this technique still so widely used in B2B and consumer situations? With increased sales quotas, many salespeople are grasping at straws and think this is the only way they can close a sale. But that just isn't true! From this topic, seasoned professionals can learnhow to increase customer satisfaction and tips for avoiding the pitfalls of overpromising and under delivering. You will learn strategies for maintaining a vibrant pipeline and close more sales by underpromising and over-delivering. And it provides a compass for organizations to use in building and maintaining profitable customer relationships.
Salespeople often end up overpromising because they think they have to in order to meet their sales goals. Often the real culprit is a pipeline that is stuck or just not full enough. Often a little tweak such as focusing on having enough prospects and qualifying these prospects to understand if their needs are in line with the solution you provide will produce big results.  In other words, focusing on building a vibrant pipeline of qualified prospects will diminish the need to overpromise and underdeliver.  If you can get people through the pipeline and help them make the buying decision quicker, then you need to be sure that the effort they need to make is not so great that they won’t want to do it again.  And remember, if you hope to increase the lifetime value of each customer you strive to delight them, at the least you want to satisfy them, but you never want to disappoint them.
How to Determine the Cost of Overselling: Developing Profitable Customer Relationships
  • Understanding the Impact of Customer Lifetime Value on Customer Retention and Profitability
  • Calculating the Cost of Lifetime Value
  • Stopping Unprofitable Sales Practices: Underpromise and Over-deliver
Tips for Avoiding Over-promising
  • Identifying Customer Expectations: Decreasing Customer Effort
  • Preselling Objections and Managing Expectations
  • Transforming Order Takers Into Sales Makers
Strategies for Maintaining a Vibrant Pipeline
  • Helping Prospects Become Customers
  • Making More Sales in Less Time
  • Closing Those Reluctant Prospects
Tips for:
  • Stopping Unprofitable Sales Practices
  • Avoiding overpromising and underdelivering
  • Maintaining a vibrant pipeline
Sales managers, directors, account managers, presidents, VPs, account executives, sales analysts, consultants, and other sales
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