Webinar on Microsoft Excel: Detailed Data Analysis with Pivot Tables. Calculating Sums, Averages, Counts and more – Training Doyens

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Date Aug 30, 2018
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables are one of the most powerful and easy-to-use features in Excel but not all know the fundamentals of making powerful pivot tables.  
Join our upcoming webinar to be presented by Neil Malek to better understand the use of Pivot Table, an incredibly dynamic and easy-to-use tool, for reporting and data visualization.
Webinar Highlights
  • How to create Pivot Table in Excel
  • Calculating sums, averages, counts, and more
  •   Filtering by date, region, or other relevant factors
In business, the data we base our decisions on is kept in databases and spreadsheets in list form. The list by itself is essential, but useless without summaries, reports, and visualizations. A Pivot Table is an incredibly dynamic and easy-to-use tool for this kind of reporting and data visualization. It is a must-use tool in Excel for any job role.
Business owners
Business analysts
Financial professionals
Support representatives
Information workers of all kinds
Neil Malek is principal at Knack Training, a software training company specializing in Microsoft products. For nearly two decades, Neil has been working with non-profits, governments, and Fortune 500 companies to identify and address skills gaps.
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