What’s New in America’s Largest Power Grid? Recent Developments in the PJM Market

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Date Sep 18, 2018
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $189.00
The webinar will address the recent issues affecting PJM electricity market, including proposals to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). We will address status of FERC proposals concerning the dispatch order and pricing of resources, as well as the two PJM proposals affectingcompensation of state-subsidized resources.  We will also look at recent wholesale market prices and the results of the capacity auction.
PJM is the largest market operator in the U.S., and very proactive in its attempt to craft rules governing wholesale markets. It is currently dealing with a high level of retirements of high capacity factor ‘baseload’ units, the integration of growing numbers of renewables, the entrance of energy storage in larger amounts, and attempts by multiple states – from Ohio to New Jersey – to subsidize existing resources in order to meet societal goals. Understanding theelectric utility industry trends and PJM issues will help attendees not only comprehend what is occurring in this large market, but the dynamics affecting other competitive markets across the United States.
The session will explore:
  • Recent Wholesale Prices and energy and utilities industry overview
  • PJM’s approach to resource compensation
  • Capacity Markets, the make-up of the resources that cleared this year for 2021/2022, and the implications for future markets
  • Potential regulatory fixes filed with the FERC for both subsidized resources as well as inflexible generating units, and the market implications of these approaches.
The attendees will have a firm grasp of the key issues and market and regulatory developments affecting PJM – the market operator serving 21% of US GDP
Project Developers; Lawyers; Renewable Advocates; Large Energy Consumers; Regulatory Staffers

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