Accounting for Entrepreneurs and Professionals – Simplified (Webinar)

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Date Sep 12, 2018
Time 12 pm AEST
Cost $9.99
Accounting for Entrepreneurs and Professionals – Simplified (Webinar)
Gain Simplified Knowledge | Communicate With Confidence | Make Informed Decisions

Whether you are running a small/medium business or a functional leader responsible for the bottom line, understanding the language of numbers is the key to success. Knowledge about fundamental concepts in Accounting & Finance will not only provide you with an edge, but it will also improve the performance of your business, as you will make more informed management decisions. This highly interactive webinar series will be an eye opener!

Learning outcome from this webinar:
  • Understand 7 golden rules of Accounting and the process of preparing financial statements
  • Learn how to do Transaction analysis - heart of Accounting cycle by using a simple format;
  • Master the 3 types of Financial Statements for a business and how they are linked with each other;
  • Discover how to read any financial statement with the help of the 5 Accounting elements

Who will benefit?
  • Small to medium business owners & entrepreneurs who would like to get a conceptual understanding of Accounting/Finance aspects in order to monitor financial performance.
  • Leaders/Senior managers/supervisors who are responsible for the bottom line of their department and would like to have an in-depth knowledge of the Accounting / Finance implication of their decisions.
  • Working professionals keen to gain Accounting/Finance skills to take on board some additional responsibility at work.


Anish Baheti is the Founder of Train My Brain® He is a Qualified Chartered Accountant (IND), an MBA in Accounting & Finance (AUS), a Certificate in Life Coaching (AUS), and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (AUS). He is also a Certified Practitioner for Brain Mapping (UK). He specializes in working with business owners, working professionals and senior managers who struggle to understand the Accounting & the Finance side of their business/work. He aims to create a unique concept based education/training platform Entrepreneurs & Professionals by helping them understand the logic behind the numbers in SIMPLE & easy language.

All the modules in the webinar series are designed keeping in mind that the participant is from a non-accounting/financial background and focus is to keep it concise, original, jargon free and simple.

Duration: 50 minutes of talk and 10 minutes of Q & A
Investment: $9.99 per participant
Platform: Award winning fully interactive web conferencing software from Citrix.  
Date & Time: 12th Sept 2018 (Wednesday) 12 pm to 1 pm AEST

"The assistance that Anish provided me was very professional. I appreciated the time he took to prepare for our sessions, the way in which he clearly expressed and presented the concepts related to my topic.” - Hon. Chris P. - Executive Director
“Anish is an excellent Coach. His flexibility via the sessions and his ability to make himself available at difficult times are well suited to busy professionals taking further education. His broad knowledge and ability to identify the crucial principles in the material being studied made my job (almost) easy!" - Alex – Lawyer
"Accounting and Financial Management as a core MBA subject moves quickly. Over twelve weeks, I was expected to have a handle on financial concepts that would have the average CFO reaching for their old textbooks. Anish was able to simplify a theory into easily digestible pieces and assisted me greatly in crystallizing course material. He not only explained how but more importantly for me, explained why. Time well spent!" - Craig - Business Owner                                                                            
“Anish has a wealth of experience in the world of accounting & finance. I found his coaching style, insightful and very helpful. He is very supportive, has clear direction and always makes himself available. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Anish!” - Petrina – Designer
"The thing I really appreciate about your coaching style is that you can explain in a way which is logical and easy to follow particularly to people who have no financial or accounting background. Furthermore, you are respectful of where your client is coming from; you are very patient and calm - which helps people like me enormously” - Anne - Management Consultant

DISCLAIMER: Train My Brain® reserves the right to cancel or postpone the workshop in case of any emergency. Venue may change depending upon no. of nominations. Pre-payment and pre-registration is required. Participation fee is non-refundable/ non-adjustable against any other program of Train My Brain, but change in nomination(s) is accepted. Attending the workshop or personal session means you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions listed on our website Do not consider this seminar to be a legal or business advice. You should seek services of a qualified attorney and CA/CPA when making any business decisions.


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