Lean Product Development - Above and Beyond

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Nov 28, 2018
Time 03:00PM to 04:00PM CET
Cost Free
You have a great product idea. You are sure that this idea can be a real problem-solver.
But you are engulfed with doubt. You are unsure about how to implement the product development cost-effectively.

The same concerns may trouble you if you are an investor. You will be exploring strategies for staying cost-competitive as you spend money for product development.  You will be anxious about the success of the product once it hits the market.

But it doesn’t have to be worrisome always. We have a secret recipe that will enable all the aspiring entrepreneurs to implement Lean Product Development more efficiently.
We are conducting a Free Webinar to give more insights on the Lean Product Development. Join Hugo Messer and Lekha Philip as they enlighten you on how to transform your idea into a profitable business.

Topic - Lean Product Development - Above and Beyond
Date - November 28th 2018
Time - 3 to 4 PM CET

What you’ll learn from this webinar?
  • How to develop a successful product at a rock-bottom cost?
  • How does Bridge Labs’ Lean Practices help you save money, time and efforts?
  • How to be sure about business success even before you are into it?
  • How to deliver better products more quickly and consistently?

Speaker Profiles:-

Hugo Messer - Renowned entrepreneur and Agile specialist, who guides aspiring entrepreneurs into Lean way of product development.
Lekha Philip - Chief Operating Officer at Bridge Global. She is the kingpin, who ensures that the development at Bridge Global follows Lean Principles strictly.
Attend the webinar to know some of the remarkably cost-effective ways to give wings to your idea!


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