Onboarding Your New Employee for Success

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Date Oct 16, 2018
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $129.00
Employee onboarding is the difference between hiring people to do a job and hiring people who become a daily part of your organization’s success. Making sure your new employee has a desk and the necessary equipment to do their job is certainly important, but it’s not all there is to onboarding. It’s about making that crucial first impression, the one that engages your new employee from the get-go and gets them fired up about doing their best day in and day out. It’s about welcoming them to the team and setting the stage for your company culture. Fitting in and feeling connected to the work environment pays huge dividends in employee retention, engagement and long-term job satisfaction. Done correctly, and consistently, new employee onboarding process makes your new hires feel comfortable and minimizes the ramp up time to full productivity. Successful onboarding programs don’t have to be complicated or time consuming; it all comes down to creating and enforcing a proven onboarding strategy and then monitoring the outcomes.
The webinar is helpful for hiring managers who want to become an employer of choice with a reputation for making employees feel welcome and important.
Employee recruitment, employee retention, leadership, onboarding strategy, communication.
  • Employee onboarding best practices
  • The 6 elements of the new employee onboarding process
  • Mistakes to avoid while onboarding new employees
  • 7 keys to a good onboarding strategy
Anyone who manages employees
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