What Microsoft OneNote Can Do For You – More Than You Imagined

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Date Nov 2, 2018
Time 01:00 PM ET
Cost $159.00
mprove productivity with increased time management skills using OneNote
Perhaps you have used OneNote for basic note-taking in meetings. It is a note-taking program.  However, it is so much more. OneNote uses a notebook format with pages and section tabs and is very effective for collecting and organizing all types of data to include text, graphics, audio, and video clips. 
Use it to gather information from the team with Outlook, build a spreadsheet with the data collected, write the report in Word to include the data from Excel, and then present the information in PowerPoint (or within OneNote). OneNote’s power only begins at the note-taking stage. OneNote can be used as a collection tool for managing all that data going on among the other Office software! You may even decide on a comprehensive end result – a polished enotebook – compiled as you work and available to your team and / or client as an ongoing electronic reference. 
Increase your efficiency by learning the details behind the best practices for using OneNote in this webinar What Microsoft OneNote Can Do For You – More than you imagined!. OneNote expert Mitzi Katz shows how to use OneNote Online – how Notebooks stored on OneDrive can be linked to others for collaboration and mobile accessibility! There are pathways available for managing the information overload that you may not have even considered yet! 
Learning Objectives

This webinar will show you the best way to use OneNote. Mitzi will show you how to:
  • Set up a OneNote notebook for organization of information  – note-taking and container features
  • Use built-in page templates as a structure for notes and create custom templates specific to your content
  • Tag and search OneNote to find anything, anywhere; even text within pictures and videos
  • Auto reference for Internet documents
  • OneNote QuickNotes – never be without them again
  • Integrate functions with Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and the Internet)
  • Manage projects with OneNote – Tracking Tasks
  • Share and collaborate with OneNote notebooks
  • Improve productivity with increased time management skills using OneNote
  • And more
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