How to Build a Compassionate Workforce One Generation at a Time

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Date Oct 9, 2018
Time 10:00 AM PT | 01:00 PM ET
Cost 179.00

This webinar will help you gain insight into how to build a compassionate workforce one generation at a time. Many organization are challenged with how to manage a culture with multiple generations. For the first time in our history organization have five generations in the workplace. So the questions is how do you build a culture that embraces all generations?
Why should you attend?

With high turnover, disengaged employees, lack of career path, skill shortage; organizations are at a loss of how to attract, retain and engagement a workforce of multiple generation. This webinar will provide solutions to turning your organization around with compassion. This is what is missing in today's workplace- how we treat one another is critical to attracting, retaining and engaging a multiple generation workforce.
Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Overview of the different generations
  • Defining Compassion in the workplace
  • Generation Expectation
  • Best practices on Building a compassionate workforce
Who can Benefit:
  • Business Owners
  • Consultant
  • HR Professional


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