Tips to Transition Your Employee to a Leader

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Date Nov 6, 2018
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $129.00
Does your promotion process focus on seniority and/or technical skills? Transitioning from employee to manager is difficult and 50-60% of first-time leaders fail within the first 24 months of their new role! Why? Most people taking on a management role for the first time have had little or no management training; they are forced to learn as they go, upping the stress level all around. Or, the skills and work that got them the job aren’t the ones needed to be a successful leader, which makes the transition from peer to team leader difficult. How can you set new managers up for success? First, identify their leadership expertise and fill in the gaps with outside training, on-the-job coaching or a combination of both. Second, understand who they are. By identifying their behavioral preferences and natural leadership style, you can help them understand how to be a new leader and channel their strengths and improve their weaknesses to create self-aware, successful managers.
Just because you have a top performing employee, does not necessarily mean they will be a top performing manager.  Understand the procedure for transitioning from employee to manager and set your new leaders up for success with this webinar.
Leadership development, how to transition from employee to manager, first-time managers, keys to success in the first 90 days of leadership.
  • Identifying employees’ strengths and challenges BEFORE promoting to a leadership role
  • How to help employees transition from employee to manager, and create a culture of success for first-time managers through self-awareness and coaching
  • Understanding what makes a good leader and the keys to success during a new leader’s first 90 days
  • Avoiding the common pitfalls of first-time leaders
Leaders looking to promote employees to a leadership role.
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