Yoga Certification Courses in Gurgaon in November 2018

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Date Nov 30, 2018
Time 7:00 am
Cost 60000 INR
Yoga is a science that has managed to live for thousands of years without enforcement or papacy of any sort. With the drastic increase in the popularity of Yoga, the quest of learning the art of this spiritual science is at an all-time high. AumYogaShala presents Yoga certification courses in Gurgaon for all those Yoga aspirants who want to become an adept yogi as well as a certified Yoga teacher. Attain the truest knowledge of Yoga in the vicinity of our well-versed Yoga gurus while enhancing your all round yogic skills with Yoga TTC program in the month of November at AumYogaShala’s Yoga center in Gurgaon.

Event Description: AumYogaShala’s Yoga certification training is completely based on the mixture of traditional and contemporary Yoga styles. While the physical aspect of Yoga is taught with much vigor, the mental and spiritual Yoga will be at the center of the TTC events that marks an important moment in the life of an aspiring Yoga teacher.

Event Highlights:

● Get acquainted with the fundamentals of Yoga including the origin of this spiritual science.
● Understand the meaning of Yoga and its importance in our lives.
● Introduction to the philosophical studies of this ancient science to instill the teachings of Yoga by studying ancient scriptures like Yoga Sutra Patanjali, Bhagawad Gita, etc.
● The training revolves around a detailed and comprehensive education of Hatha Yoga and the asanas associated with this Yoga style.
● The art of practicing the asanas with perfection along with the benefits of each, individually.
● Improvement in the practice of Yoga with the introduction to Adjustment and Alignment techniques.
● The practice and training of Pranayama and its various types.
● Meditation is given a special place in our training program, owing to the spiritual significance it carries along with Mantra recitations. 
● Knowledge of various Yoga types such as Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Karma Yoga, etc.
● Transformation into a good Yoga teacher with self-practice and the knowledge of Yoga’s most authentic way of teaching.
● Understand the human body anatomy with respect to the Yoga practice.
● Learn about the basics of Ayurvedic lifestyle and the natural way of living.
● The yogic way of purification with Shat Kriyas education.

Fee Details:

INR 40,000 for Indian Certificate and INR 60,000 for Yoga Alliance USA certificate.

In case of any query, kindly contact us at or +91 9999710022

Visit our website: for more information about our programs.

About AumYogaShala: AumYogaShala is a popular Yoga school in Delhi NCR. The Yoga Shala is known for organizing Yoga programs that are based on the authentic teachings of Yoga. Having a team of adept Yoga instructors, the Yoga center aims to create a society where nobody is unhealthy with the practices and theories of Yoga. At its Yoga studios in Gurgaon in Delhi, AumYogaShala organizes numerous Yoga events such as Daily Yoga Classes, Corporate Yoga, Yoga therapy courses, etc., in addition to the certification-based Yoga teacher training programs. The Yoga center believes hugely in the strength of AUM mantras, which is at the core of all the Yoga programs conducted at here.


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