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Date Nov 19, 2018
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Ever since the online gambling phenomenon took off, thousands of new casinos were launched and the market got quite saturated over time. This meant that sooner or later, the market got saturated and players were starting to see a pattern in the way online casinos look. That was the turning point for creativity in this sector and there were a lot of casinos that decided to do things differently and stand out for customers. In today’s article, we are going to present you some of the coolest online casinos ever launched.
Casumo were the first ones to understand a different type of approach is needed in order to keep things interesting. So, besides having a great offer of casino games, payment methods and everything needed for a casino to be top-notch, they also developed an avatar for each player. This avatar ‘grows’ directly connected with your casino activity and it unlocks a lot of interesting features and rewards. At first, what Casumo did was considered to be far fetched, however, after the concept started to be appreciated a lot of new casinos tried to replicate them.
At Playfrank everything looks differently right from the start. When you land on the homepage, it looks like you just opened a video game and you are about to select different options to start the gameplay. The avatar idea is also present here, however, in a slightly different approach. The little animations that accompany players along the road look more like Minions than anything else. It’s a great casino to play at considering that you can unlock a lot of different rewards by participating in mini-games or playing fortune-based games like the money wheel even when you’re just in the casino lobby.
Ninja Casino
If you want to be able to play no deposit slots win real money without wasting any time with creating an account or you are simply not that fond of the idea of sharing your personal details with the casino, Ninja casino is the solution for you. Only here you can enjoy the full excitement of online gambling without having to share your personal information. You start playing right away, deposits are instant and withdrawals only take a few hours. What else can you wish for?
Final Thoughts
No matter how crazy new ideas seem when it comes to online casinos, sooner or later all the great ideas will be accepted as being normal and players will enjoy the new trends. The best online casinos is the one where you feel comfortable.


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