Everything That You Ever Wanted To Know About Free Slots

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Date Dec 31, 2018
Time 13PM
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Free slot machines are one of those things that sound too good to be true. But is it so. Here we explain and demystify everything and anything about free slots. Both newbies and veterans may find this helpful and to some extent eye-opening.
Types of free slots
For someone new in the world of online slots that might sound bit confusing. But, it shouldn’t be as online slots can be played for free and just for entertainment or again for free, just this time if you win you get to keep the winnings. Here’s how the works and how to make the most of free slot machines.
Play free slots for entertainment
Most slot games can be found and played online for free or at least downloaded and played locally. There is no catch here, no nothing. Online casinos truly offer them for FREE. Their hope is that by some point you will want to try and play the slot for real money. A certain percentage of the people that download the free slots do exactly like that, after a certain time they do decide to deposit money and play the very same slots.
Play free slots and win real money
Again, for a newbie, this might sound like one of those too good to be true type of things. But, this is no scam, and many are already taking advantage of no deposit welcome bonuses. No deposit bonuses mean that you can open an account with a certain online casino, verify that account, and get a certain welcome bonus without depositing money or adding a payment method to your account.
The only trick is to fulfil the casino’s terms and playthrough requirements to withdraw the potential winnings. Anything else is pretty much standard, exactly the same as if you were playing with your money.
Free slots & RTP
There is an urban myth spreading around the web saying that free slots feature one return to player percentage and another for online slots played for real money on online casinos. The factual truth, tested by independent organizations, is that one slot cannot have different RTP, regardless of whether it is played in free mode or for money. All slots are powered by a random number generator (RNG) that generates completely random outcomes no matter what. Anything different than that is nothing but a mere speculation.


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