Webinar on Leadership Toolbox Training: Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills for Leaders and Emerging Leaders. Why it Matter More than Intelligence

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Date Feb 13, 2019
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
Interpersonal communication is the hallmark of a leader and developing greater and more precise levels of communication can help in overcome many challenges in business.
Understand the key skills of Interpersonal Communications and view those skills through the lens and perspective of a leader.
Webinar Highlights
  • The three “Self’s of better communication: Self Image, Self Esteem and Self Control
  • Vision and values alignment
  • Two sides of the same coin: time and stress management
Understanding several key skills of Interpersonal Communications and viewing those skills through the lens and perspective of a leader.
This session will not only teach various Interpersonal Communications Skills for Leaders but also assist the participant on when to use the appropriate skill.
Under the assumption that any strength overused becomes a weakness, participants will be challenged to break through their current communications paradigm and experiment and take risks with their communication style and strategy.
Supervisor to “C” suite, however non leadership personal may use this material to enjoy a more precise communication level with individuals they need to interface with.
 Biagio Sciacca, known to his friends as Bill, was a lifelong resident of Pittston, PA. He is the owner of Intelligent Motivation, Inc. a global consulting and training firm specializing in management and leadership training as well as psychological assessment for hiring and staff development.
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