How Leaders Can Create a Culture of Everyday Civility That Means Business

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Date Feb 28, 2019
Time 01:00 PM EST
Cost $159.00
What will be discussed?
Toxic personalities at work not only create personal angst and get under our skin, they also cost money. Our upcoming webinar discusses what leaders can do to restore everyday civility in their organizations and successfully deal with them.
What you’ll learn?
  • How giving feedback to a toxic star is painful, but it can be done quite effectively
  • How to integrate these strategies into daily practice for organizational culture management 
  • How to stop toxic people in their tracks and reinforce respectful engagement
In a landmark 3-year national study of over 400 individuals on what makes toxic people tick, Dr. Mitch Kusy uncovers why 94% of the workforce has dealt with them unsuccessfully as well as how they erode our personal well being, team performance, and the bottom line.
There’s a better way! And Dr. Kusy’s evidence-based practices will show you how to stop them in their tracks, reinforce respectful engagement, and tips creating a culture of civility in the workplace. All helping in organisational culture management and impacting the bottom line positively and significantly!
VP of HR
All HR directors, managers, and generalists
Director of Risk Management
Mitchell Kusy has worked as a professor, author, organizational psychologist, and consultant for 25+ years. He has traveled the world sharing not only the cutting-edge research on toxic personalities, but just as importantly—what to do about it. 
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