BEING Leadership: A Guide to Increasing Self-Awareness and Building Resilience

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Date Apr 30, 2019
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
BEING leadership is a blueprint for 21st century leadership and to navigate uncertainty and change. BEING leadership is proven based on 5 key leadership dimensions to help leaders make better decisions, connect with others, manage stress and build resilience, and wellbeing.
Self-aware leaders are grounded – they know what is important, operate in expansive ways, are resilient, and adapt. BEING leadership accelerates self-awareness through everyday leadership practices such as simple breathing techniques which improves awareness between 20%-50%, in addition to tools like listening and building new habits so that you not only manage yourself to your potential but you bring the best out in others
This is what resilient leadership from the inside out is all about!
  • The 5 key dimensions of BEING leadership:
    • (B)breathing as a way to manage self
    • (E)managing your energy
    • (I) investigating your values
    • (N)navigating uncertainty and paradox
    • (G)generating powerful listening skills
  • Triple loop listening model
  • 3 principles to rewire and establish lasting habits
  • Building resilience at work
  • 5-key leadership skills to make better decisions and manage self
  • Simple breathing techniques to increase self-awareness
  • Triple loop listening model to increase your effectiveness
  • 3 principles to disrupt old and establish new habits
  • Techniques to manage stress and build resilience
Individuals and leaders who work in stressful and change oriented settings. People looking for tools to increase their leadership skills through mindset as well as behavior-based skills and seeking to move from a reactive to response mindset using leadership development principles that look within oneself before influencing others.
Leaders looking for new tools to lead; people who desire to increase their resilience and flexibility; managers and team leaders looking to improve their interactions with others.
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