Is your Payroll Team Updated on the 2019 Changes? – Training Doyens

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Date Apr 10, 2019
Time 02:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
With the rapidly changing rules affecting the IRS, as well as other governmental agencies, it’s important for payroll professionals to keep up with the latest updates. Our upcoming webinar discusses new payroll laws 2019, including tax issues, annual IRS limits, an update on the FLSA overtime changes 2019, information return penalties and both year-end and current topics of use to payroll teams.
The webinar covers the following key areas:
  • The 2019 limits for deferred compensation as well as other IRS limits
  • A discussion of what regulations will be deferred, and which will go forward
  • The proposed overtime regulation changes (still in abeyance)
Important information for payroll professionals, whether they operate in one state or multiple states. Learn about state and local tax changes, Federal limits,updates on the FLSA overtime changes, 2019, and other key facts that payroll teams need, to do their jobs efficiently and accurately.
Payroll teams of any size
Payroll supervisors
Payroll associates
Merle Capello is an experienced CPP (Certified Payroll Professional), with more than 25 years of experience, who can manage, train and elevate team members, enhancing their skills so that they can be leveraged to benefit clients.
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